June 14, 2016

From Facebook Memories:


There's nothing better than having all 3 of my sweet babies back together. We have missed Elle Kade so much this past school year and we are so excited that she'll be with us for the whole summer!!

I definitely feel like the past few months have been the hardest on me... I have struggled with letting her spread her wings by letting her live with her dad. I know that we made the right decision and that she is happy and fulfilled at their home, just like she is at ours. She is so well adjusted and so loved by all of her parents, step-parents, grandparents... I've learned to just enjoy every moment that we have with her and we are so grateful for the fullness our family feels when she is home.

There is no perfect situation when you are a blended family. There is no solution that makes everyone happy. Sacrifices have to be made and sometimes that means making hard decisions and going against what is logical in favor of doing something that just feels right. Sometimes we are placed in situations that are out of control. But we always have the ability to react to that situation. It would be easy to choose bitterness, resentment, jealousy, anger... But I've chosen to have faith, stay positive, and love unconditionally. To find the good in every situation and choose happiness!

Ashley Hansen