Some daughter’s only need one mom, but the lucky ones get to have two.


This is elle kade at about the same time her stepmom came into her life. My ex had been engaged previously and brought other girlfriends around so I just thought she would be another temporary woman in ek’s life. 

But honestly, it was even harder to imagine someone else being there for good. Another woman taking her to the movies, going shopping together, getting pedicures, and spending time together like mothers and daughters would. 


Gosh I was so jealous. I was alone with elle kade for so long that the thought of sharing her made me so mad! I am her mom and what makes this stranger think she can fill that role in my daughter’s life? 


But slowly I started to notice how much happier elle kade was coming home from their house. I saw more stability and structure. I remember the look on her stepmom’s face every time we met for drop off and how excited they were to be spending time together. 


And it killed me. But at the same time, I felt so strangely happy. That someone else loved her and she loved them. It was a joy that I felt for my daughter without a selfless agenda. 


And as hard as it is to share her, I’m so grateful that another mother loves her enough to fight for her and raise her like her own. 


Now I feel like this is how it was always supposed to be. Some daughters only need one mom, but the lucky ones get to have two.

Ashley Hansen