This Season

And just like that, all of our beautiful golden leaves have fallen to the ground.

The view of this tree from our window was one of my favorite things and I wanted to hang on to this fall weather just a little longer.


I was so disappointed to look out and see the empty branches, until I walked outside and shifted my perspective to see how beautiful the leaves now are on the ground! And I’m looking forward to the first snowfall which will cover the branches in beauty all over again.


And it reminded me so much of this season in motherhood…

I’ve loved every minute of being in this young mom stage with babies in strollers and snuggles to fall asleep at night, but our children are gaining more independence and shedding the need for constant care.

And I’m clinging on to the last signs of babyhood for just a little bit longer because it’s been a wonderful experience.

But watching Clare walk into her classroom this week made me realize that I’m ready to embrace the next stage of life- raising independent little children and watching them enter the real world.


And I’m grateful for the reminder from Mother Nature that every time and season is beautiful and amazing in its own unique way. We have so much to look forward to