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My Self Care Story

During the hardest part of our custody battle, I struggled with depression. I felt like my life was completely out of my control and I was barely hanging on.  

I’m an emotional eater. My anxiety overcomes my ability to make rational eating decisions and I have extreme guilt after binge eating due to stress. When I was overwhelmed and stressed out during our custody situation, I allowed my trial to consume my life.  I was allowing my circumstances dictate my health and happiness.

When everything else felt out of my control, I made the important decision to search for balance in other areas of my life.  I started making healthy, conscious eating choices and working out for release.  I had no idea the impact these simple decisions would have on all aspects of my life!

I started to realize that our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing are so interconnected.  When we take action and start managing little things within our control, gradually we notice that everything seems to be improving.

Not gone.  Not always better.  But our perspective changes and creates a positive outlook on those things that were previously holding us down.  

I’m happier than I’ve ever been and that’s not because my situation has changed… it’s because I have changed! And I want to share my health and wellness resources with you!